Billy Corcoran has been playing music professionally for twenty years, fifteen of which have been in Portugal. Before arriving in Portugal he played with various different bands in Ireland ranging from Rock and Blues to Traditional music. He is a founding member of MeltingPot since they came together as a unit in 2003. He plays guitar and sings with the band but also plays Banjo, Mandolin and Bodhran. He is influenced by all genres but especially the work of Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits and all forms of Irish folk and traditional music.


Joaquim de Brito (Shaka) studied classical music from the age of five years old which culminated with a piano course in The Lisbon Conservatory of Music. Along with his classical studies he has played percussion with various different bands with diverse styles from Afro-Latin music (Congas), Brazilian music (berimbau) to Indian music (Tabla).
In 2001 he started playing the Bodhran after a short music course in County Sligo, Ireland and since then has added the Spoons to his array of instruments. Since October 2005 he has been a member of MeltingPot.


Marco Fonseca (fiddle) has been playing with MeltingPot since 2007.He has played with various folk and traditional bands throughout Portugal over the past ten years.He is heavily influenced by the Irish traditional masters along with the modern contemporary greats.


Carlos Santa Clara (violin) is also a founding member of the band in 2003 and continued until 2007. His distinctive style influenced heavily by the Jazz masters had a strong effect on the original sound of the band. In 2007 he left for Paris to study at the Didier Lockwood school of Jazz. He currently lives in Portugal and plays with Portuguese bands Navegante and Corduvarius while also teaching violin and occasionally playing with the band.


Alix Sarrouy (percussion) is a founder member of the band since 2003 and continued until October 2005. Alix's drums, bodhran and spoons were along with his incredible energy the mainstay of the rhythm section for many years. In late 2005 he left for London to study percussion and then to study in Paris. He currently lives in Lisbon and rejoined the band in 2014.


Bruno Fonseca has been playing with Melting Pot as a known guest, joining along with the band as flute player and percussionist. Connected to the Irish traditional music scene, where he got most of his influences, he his is also known as a composer for Irish Concert Flute and Anglo-concertina.

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